This website lists completed class projects for the E-Commerce for Web Design and Development Class (CPSC325/BSAD325) students at Grand View University, Des Moines, IA

Spring 2012 Projects

DTF Des Moines Fitness

Authors: Betsy Craig, Vern Feyen, Edin Hadzic, Ben Moore and Jim Randolph

Dreamy Themes Photo

Authors: Valerie Sechser and Cheri Kollbaum

High Flying Funnies

Authors: Thomas Henckel, Brad Johnson and Eleanor Ploessl

Apps 4 Less

Authors: Shane Brass, Tony Welthy, Kourtney Fink, Cody Quick and Troy Wiley

Fall 2011 Projects

Athlete's Feet

Authors: Nate Jacobs and Caleb Phillips

Jad 3 Enterpise

Authors: Ade Rosya and Eric Payne

Golf Shop

Authors: MacKenzie Bourke

TPL Gaming

Authors: Tyler Parnell

High Flyer Wrestling

Authors: Brett Turner, Travis Evans and Greg Sobeyak

Custom Soccer Gear

Authors: Per Paulsen and Tanner Labore

Spring 2011 Projects

Puffs Pastriez

Authors: Bobby Russell and Sang Tran

Kalt's Super Custom

Authors: Apisath Saenvong, Travis Houseman, Lindsay Cosgriff and Kim Freauff

So Beautiful

Authors: Patrick Rhoda, Robin Ziemann, Jeff Woods and Vicki Lopez


Authors: Alex Frank, Shawn Travers, Ben Kern and Nick Newcomb

PC Peripherals

Authors: Serena Baccam, Dan Rohauer and Chmmany Vansylalom


Fall 20010 Projects

MBS Assurance

Authors: Monique Rodriguez, Brett Toncar and Sara Scheider

Custom College Caps

Authors: Lester Moffett; Tyler Andersen and Tyler Beard

Fit to Hit

Authors: Jorie Shields-Smith, Mallory Huff and Ashley Deeth

True Sounds Online

Authors: Nick Adolf; Ben Van Walbeek and Kaden Bronzynski


Spring 2010 Projects

Sweet Dreams Story Books

Authors: Timothy Wirtjes, Angela Bassett and Misty Burke

Code Development Support Services

Authors: Adam Bourland, Diana Calo, Carey Gorla and Osborn Grimm

Midwest Sports Store

Authors: John Koenig, Andrew Miller, Nicholas Moore, and Spencer Sponheim

Cookin Companion

Authors: Mason Hinkle, Julie Schrader and Autumn Stephens

Shoes Just 4 You

Authors: Courtney King, Sari Lansing, Sammy Leung, and Laramie Lowe


Fall 2009 Projects

ZAAB Custom Tees

Authors: Zach Cassler, Ashley Brandon, A.J. Joiner and Bob Knudson

Capital Cupcakes

Authors: Chelsea Francisco, Andy Altmayer, Joslyn Hannam, and Noi Phoummala

Where The Party At?

Authors: Jay Medellin, Brady Eagle and Damir Dzafic

Butterfly Weddings

Authors: Becca Clayton, Amara Hartley, Scott Long, Parker Graese and Eric Vadillo

Fall 2008 Projects

J's Flowers

Authors: Jill Borich, Jessica Claybrook and Jenna Loney


Authors: Portia Parker, Christopher Wanek and Zachary Kinsey

Jewelry Gone Wild

Authors: Kimberly Hall, Jennifer Baccam and Heather Rumsey

DAMP Acronyms

Authors: Michael Medved, Brian Perry, Seth Bass and Kenny Roberts

Blade Harvest Comics

Authors: Eric Gookin, James Swanson and Jordan Huewe


Spring 2008 Projects

Greatest SIP

Authors: Angela Johnson, Dale Helgevold and Ariel Minervini

Heartland ATVs

Authors: Dustin Burner and Melissa Just

Limo 3M Lux

Authors: Mimi Nguyen, Myxai Manipakon and Manny Abu-Assaf

Authors: Bekir Becic and Edin Vrtagic

Modern Touches Lazer Etching

Authors: Marie Procyk, John Adrianse and Soukham Baccam

A&A Printing

Author: Vernon Alatorre


Fall 2007 Projects

Certain Cellular

Authors: Troy Griffin, Erica Latcham and Benjamin Rogers

Lifetime Gutters, LLC

Authors: Erin Braak, Dustin Stortz and Michelle Miller

Sports 4U Apparel

Authors: Carly Thompson, Bryan Leitzinger, Angela Brodersen and Trishia Julius


Spring 2007 Projects

TLO Fitness Spa

Authors: Ryan Steenrod, Ryan Hoff, Latoya Lo and Mitchel Sellers

My MP3

Authors: Almir Muhamedagic, Thressa Cantrell and Anthony Jackson

RK Connection

Authors: Charlotte Bowen, Jeanne Munson and Robert Cowherd


Fall 2006 Projects
JKL College Rentals
Authors: Janae Scott, Kenny Pierce, Larie Martens

Superior Designs
Authors: Kerim Hadzic, Chad Arvay, Jordan Adams

Spring 2006 Projects
Chip Designs
Authors: Ron Mutchler, Jeff Hauge, Chris Marasco

Des Moines Scene
Authors: Matthew McClafflin, Vedad Ceric and Doug Hesseltine

You may direct your questions about those projects to Dmitry Yarushkin, Assistant Professor of Business Administration or to the students who created them.